Who am I?

Does anyone else break out in hives when you have to think of an elevator talk about yourself? Ask me how to describe my husband (or my kids or my job) in 3 sentences and I could do it in a heartbeat. But when you ask me about myself, I’m stuck. Here is my attempt:

  • I’m a librarian who currently works as a training and outreach coordinator for a consortium. In the past I’ve worked as a children’s librarian, an adult services supervisor at a library, and a variety of other library jobs! My passion is for youth services!
  • I’m mom to Millie (4) and Lena (2). They are adventurous, funny, independent kids who keep me and my husband of ten years and best friend, Dan, on our toes.
  • I’m an embroiderer, inspired by my late grandmother and my love for stabbing things (jk, maybe?)
  • I’m a picture book addict — I would be happy to be reading a picture book aloud all day, every day.

Why make this blog?

There are few things I love more than talking about books, parenting, and early literacy. My job is wonderful — I’m gaining a lot of experience, knowledge, and get a pretty flexible schedule — but every day I miss interacting with patrons, making recommendations, reading to young people and their families, and plucking new books of the shelf before anyone else gets to read them. 🙂

This blog gives me a chance to share my favorite books, fun activities I’ve done with my own kids, early literacy tips, and experiences in parenting.

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